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Our Programs



Trillium Charter School's mission is to nurture strong community values within a diverse curriculum. This is accomplished by providing a student-centered environment with high academic and behavioral standards. Students work independently and cooperatively within a strong school community to become knowledgeable, self-motivated learners.

Our community philosophy is guided by four basic principles known as The Trillium Values: 
1) Honor differences 
2) Respect others and the Earth
3) Always Try your Best
4) Everyone is Welcome

Within this framework, all elements of our diverse curriculum come together. Academic concentration is placed on student's progressive abilities through literacy, communication, calculation and analytical thought. The development of social skills focuses on positive self-image, student cooperation, diverse cultural awareness, community involvement, appreciation of the natural world and intellectual curiosity. 

 Trillium's program integrates a series of supporting studies such as art education, nature studies, music, nutrition, cultural studies, gardening and computer skills. This rich environment serves as a strong foundation for learning and provides ongoing opportunities to develop unique talents.

Trillium's staff  believes that meaningful learning happens best when:
* parents and families are active participants in their child's education 
* the individual needs of every student are kept in mind 
* the local culture and community are integrated into the curriculum
* and student input is valued

Trillium partners with a variety of community entities for outreach opportunities and service-learning. This may include nursing homes, food banks, community gardens, Humboldt State University, Tribal offices, homeless shelters and public lands. The objective is for students to recognize that they have a viable role in the quality of their community and can make meaningful change for the greater good.

Trillium enrolls 45 students in Transitional Kindergarten through 5th Grade beginning in February of each year.

Trillium is nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices and all other operations. We do not charge tuition, nor do we discriminate against any pupil or employee on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender or disability.